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Our cruising started 40 years ago Full of enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, full of love to life and people… We wanted to exist in quality’s story made from the faith. We wanted our cruising to give happiness to all people with whom we have been walking together. We learned and grew up with our experiences. We became strong with our customers. Reliance and look forward hopefully to the future together with our employees efforts. We enjoy from the afct that we bringing in. We named this love Genmot… Today, as GENMOT, with - 40 years experience - Sense of quality which aim at customer satisfaction. - Modern production technics - Business sense which is innovative and continuously moving forward, we are proud of serving our products that add value to all our clients who rely on us Without forgetting how important each GENMOT product for human life and happiness is, at every stage of production, we give importance to; - Lean production basics, - Rigorous quality control, - Product analysis in international standarts. We are walking to future with strong and determined steps thanks to our experience and your energy. We thank all our employees, administrators, suppliers and customers who walked with us while we formed GENMOT brand which is pride of Turkey and will exist more 40 years with 40 years experience.In the hope of reaching greater successes together.
Since 2013, Bahd Cylinderhead has been active in the spare parts sector and has been pushing the top of the spare parts sector with our quality and perfect workmanship. We provide service in our modern automation-based facility with a closed area of ​​1.000 m² in Konya Busan industrial area. In the field of Turkish foundry and engineering, we are proceeding with confident steps in the production of cylinder head with completely domestic raw materials and expert team. Adhering to quality and customer satisfaction, Bahd Cylinderhead has taken the pick up of this policy to the industry and has become a brand wanted by the suppliers in a short time. **Vision mission ** Bahd Cylinderhead, which carries out its activities with the vision of producing society beneficial works, continues to grow with the aim of being a world brand with its investments and adding value to the economy of Turkey. **"Everything under one roof" "SATISFIED CUSTOMER, SATISFIED EMPLOYEE, QUALITY IN PRODUCTION"**
"LINPAR ENGIN LINERS has been producing Engine Liners and Piston Alfin since 2009. Company which provides Centrifugal Casting service with Centrifugal Method thanks to Special Foundry, raises its position in the sector each passing day by reaching annual capacity to produce 600.000 pieces/year Engine Liners, 550.000 pieces/year Piston Alfin and 3600 tons/year Centrifugal Casting capacity. Prioritizing satisfaction of last buyers and dealers with extensive sectoral knowledge and experienced staff, Linpar Engine Liners produces not only Oem parts but also products in special dimensions."
EDT OTOMOTIV began its commercial life in 1992 with wholesale sales and distribution of passenger and commercial vehicles. With more than 26 years of experience, continuity, quality, service, reliability and innovative understanding, our company supplies all kinds of original and aftermarket products group of known brands of the world and in Turkey with 35,000 varieties of products to Turkey and the world's many countries.