Since 2013, Bahd Cylinderhead has been active in the spare parts sector and has been pushing the top of the spare parts sector with our quality and perfect workmanship. We provide service in our modern automation-based facility with a closed area of ​​1.000 m² in Konya Büsan industrial area. In the field of Turkish foundry and engineering, we are proceeding with confident steps in the production of cylinder head with completely domestic raw materials and expert team. Adhering to quality and customer satisfaction, Bahd Cylinderhead has taken the pick up of this policy to the industry and has become a brand wanted by the suppliers in a short time. **Vision mission ** Bahd Cylinderhead, which carries out its activities with the vision of producing society beneficial works, continues to grow with the aim of being a world brand with its investments and adding value to the economy of Turkey. **"Everything under one roof" "SATISFIED CUSTOMER, SATISFIED EMPLOYEE, QUALITY IN PRODUCTION"**

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